Why enterprise social networks like Yammer fail, Part 1

Top tips on how to get senior manager buy-in for an internal social network

This infographic is also available as a PowerPoint presentation on Slideshare.

Virpi OinonenInternal social networks like Yammer and Jive are rising in popularity. In some organisations they are replacing intranets and email. A less known fact is that in most companies enterprise social networks fail to take root. One key reason for this is lack of support from senior management. Without their support old practices that hinder the social revolution will be too hard to change and staff will end up sitting on the fence about the new tool.

If you want to convince your senior executives that your organisation can benefit from a social network you might have to use several approaches. The impressive statistics about increased productivity that enterprise social spokespeople offer are rarely enough. Hopefully this infographic has given you ideas on how to secure buy-in from your leaders so you can then focus on getting buy-in from employees. I’ve outlined more strategies for senior management buy-in in my book.

If you have a story to share on how you got your senior managers embrace an internal social network like Yammer or Jive I’d love to hear from you. Or if you are still struggling to get them on board. Share your story in the comments below or drop me an email at virpi(at)businessgoessocial.net!


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