What’s your ESN problem?

agony aunt cartoon

I posed as an ESN agony aunt at the Smile London conference (Smile=social media in a large enterprise). Here are some of the problems people shared with me:

  • – Stickiness – how to bring people back to the enterprise social network after the first visit
  • – How to engage with blue collar workers
  • – How to overcome the “I don’t have time” question
  • – How to extract the valuable content: locate, validate and extract for re-use?
  • – We used to say “create once, publish everywhere”.  But now we have to copy and paste our internal news across multiple channels. AAAAGH.
  • – Getting people to join the conversation
  • – User generated content
  • – Middle tier management not creating content on Yammer
  • – Analytics – feels right but no real evidence to show engagement is happening
  • – Getting ongoing engagement on Yammer
  • – How to stand out in the land of 1000 channels

I will attempt to turn these issues into an entertaining art piece (infocomic or a medieval mural – I haven’t decided yet).

Would you like to contribute to my visual? (Doesn’t matter if your woe is already on the list). Please fill in this form (before December 1 2016). Thanks! 🙂


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