Help me choose a name for my social collaboration support site!

So the time has come to put the stuff I’ve learnt and created into one handy online service.  It’s a membership website that helps people launch and scale an enterprise social network. (Or bring it back from the dead if they’ve had an unsuccessful launch).

But what should I call it?! I’m seriously stuck. Below are couple of options, please help me out by voting for your favourite:

[wufoo username=”businessillustrator” formhash=”s4qj7pi0sj022l” autoresize=”true” height=”345″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]

If you have a better suggestion please tick “Other” and use the comment field. Note that I try to avoid jargon and abstract, semi-meaningless words like “engagement”. My approach is very hands-on so the name should reflect that.

This is what the site will consist of:

1) THE GUIDE – a logical sequence you can follow to launch and develop an enterprise social network
2) DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT (engaging visuals that explain the concepts in a fun way, presentations and message templates)

– Virpi

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