Driving enterprise social from the bottom up – my illustrated talk from Microsoft SharePoint conference 2014

Virpi Oinonen BusinessGoesSocial.netI did a talk at the Microsoft SharePoint conference in Las Vegas in March 2014 on one of my favourite topics: rolling out an enterprise social network. This is a video recording of my 70 minute talk (see my illustrated PowerPoint presentation below for a quick overview. There’s also a short video clip that I used in my talk to sum up the approach an enterprise social champion has to adopt in order to make the network a success – check it out, it’s a fun watch).

The illustrated PowerPoint presentation

My talk notes…

…can be found here: www.businessgoessocial.net/spc14

And the hit video “First follower turns the lone nut into a leader” by Derek Sivers

A bit of background: I’ve been intrigued by enterprise social networks ever since I first came across Yammer three years ago. I believe they can enable employees to bypass outdated processes and unnecessary hierarchies and get stuff done better and faster. And I love the fact that through them the ideas and expertise that exist in the frontline and other (often under appreciated) parts of the organisation can finally get visibility they deserve. However, I also want to be brutally honest about the problems enterprise social enthusiasts are going to face when trying to introduce Yammer (or Jive or whatever social network you prefer) in fairly traditional organisations. I’m a pragmatic optimist – no need to lose hope just because you encounter a bit of resistance – but you do need to be smart and strategic with your Operation Enterprise Social. Idealism only goes so far.

– Virpi

PS. All the talks from the conference are now online. My favourite talks include
– Cargill: Real-world  challenges and value in introducing enterprise social by Melanie Hohertz
– A Comprehensive strategy to drive business value with SharePoint by Naomi Moneypenny and
– A responsive organization stays ahead of competition by Adam Pisoni

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