Community management basics for enterprise social networks (Infographic)

Community management used to be a professional practice in the fringes of the professional communications field. With the rise of enterprise social networks like Yammer, Jive and what have you, it has suddenly become a key skill in internal communications.

At the heart of community management is relationship building – or network weaving. People skills are a must. A community manager is an empathetic strategist – he/she is a leader behind the scenes who quietly builds the organisational network and makes sure information, skills and ideas travel freely – a must if the organisation is to respond to the threats and opportunities that the fast paced outside world throws on its path.

It is a way to maximise the investment in the collaboration platform!

I’ve developed a toolkit on community management – you can check it out at

Or if you just prefer to download the above infographic as a PowerPoint file you can do so here.

– Virpi


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