Cartoons from the Enterprise 2.0 Summit & SharePoint Saturday UK

The digital transformation wave drowning business as usual
This was the most popular “Twitter cartoon” from the Enterprise 2.0 summit (shared roughly 70 times in one day). 

Those of you who know me personally probably know that I run a cartoon communication business alongside my social collaboration work. These two worlds overlapped couple of weeks ago when I decided to take my iPad and stylus to the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in London, and SharePoint Saturday tech conference in Burbage, Leicestershire. My aim was to turn speakers’ key points into quick cartoons  on the iPad and then post them on Twitter so that they would catch the eye of the conference participants.

This way I could not only do my part in promoting these high quality events (cartoons are excellent social media fodder) but also delight the attendees in the process!

Culture vs tech in adoption of new technology
Cartoon from SharePoint Saturday UK 2014. 

SharePoint Saturday was slightly more challenging event for me because it had a strong focus on knowledge sharing between techies (and I’m not a techie). But I managed to draw couple of cartoons on the bigger themes like the challenges of enterprise search.

Download your favourite cartoons

You can download the Enterprise 2.0 Summit cartoons here and the SharePoint Saturday cartoons here. Feel free to use them on your blog, website etc (but if you could link back to or site that would be great).

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– Virpi



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