Cartoons from Social Media In Large Enterprise event in London

As usual I attended SMILE Conference 2016 in London with a tablet and a stylus so I can capture some of the key points/interesting remarks as cartoons. You can download the high resolution versions of the illustrations here.

Company values poster

Posters vs user generated content. Guess which one works better? Inspired by @jennyAvarley from HSBC


frontline employees are your early warning system
Staff are the best early warning system. Cartoon inspired by @jennyAvarley from HSBC

business as usual change is hard cartoon

According to research by Lecko managers do understand the value of enterprise social networks. Problem is that it’s difficult to change the system… Inspired by the team from @LeckoEN


enterprise social networks create ambient awareness illustration

Enterprise social networks improve employees’ ambient awareness. Cartoon inspired by @Schneider_j from Jive Software


adoption is a problem cartoon

Technology is not the issue when building intranets. Cartoon inspired by the guy from @BrightStarr

Enterprise social woes

agony aunt cartoon
I also posed as an ESN agony aunt at the event. Here are some of the problems people shared with me:

  • – Stickiness – how to bring people back to the enterprise social network after the first visit
  • – How to engage with blue collar workers
  • – How to overcome the “I don’t have time” question
  • – How to extract the valuable content: locate, validate and extract for re-use?
  • – We used to say “create once, publish everywhere”.  But now we have to copy and paste our internal news across multiple channels. AAAAGH.
  • – Getting people to join the conversation
  • – User generated content
  • – Middle tier management not creating content on Yammer
  • – Analytics – feels right but no real evidence to show engagement is happening
  • – Getting ongoing engagement on Yammer
  • – How to stand out in the land of 1000 channels

I will attempt to turn these issues into an entertaining art piece (infocomic or a medieval mural – I haven’t decided yet). If you want your woe to be included in the visual, please fill in this form (before December 2016).


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