Cartoons from NESTA Futurefest 2015 conference

I went to the NESTA Futurefest 2015 conference in London where futureheads meet do discuss trends and big picture stuff – this is very relevant stuff for us who are interested in social collaboration and social business.

I did some sketchnoting on my iPad (I do visual work professionally) – here are some of my notes:

Nesta used social network analysis to locate influencers in the coding world who don’t shout about themselves (this is something your enterprise social network can do as well):

Nesta uses social network analysis

Trying to get my head around blockchain:

What is blockchain     The debate around bitcoin and blockchain has shifted:


Debate around bitcoin and blockhain has shifted

Interesting session on new forms of democracy. I was especially interested in the examples from Spain and Iceland.  What does future democracy look like   Futurefest future democracy spain iceland italy
So where exactly does your digital identity reside? Should you care?

Digital identity


Data visualization is a big thing now when big data has gone mainstream. But there’s always something missing and you should be aware of what is not included.

Data visualization - bits missing


Algorithms can define what is normal. We should all take an interest in this stuff…


Algorithms control what is normal



– Virpi



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