Cartoons from the HR Tech World congress in Paris

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I drew quite a few sketchnotes (cartoons) during the two day HR Tech conference in Paris (Oct 27-28, 2015).

Readers of this blog know that I’m fascinated by the power of social collaboration and enterprise social networks. I believe they can help transform the world of work. Clunky processes, bureaucratic rules that kill initiative and treating employees as half-witted children are all a bit harder to do when a network flattens the communication hierarchy. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not just interested in making work less soul destroying. I’m also interested in business and the bottom line. I believe collaborative ways of working are the answer to both.

At the conference I noticed that social networks are infiltrating the HR tech world from many angles. Recruitment, learning, employee engagement, culture… Many technical solutions have a dose of enterprise social infrastructure in them.
But the tools are not going to change things on their own. You need a project where you have a licence to experiment – do things differently. From there new tools and ways of working can spread to other tasks and other parts of the organisation.

– Virpi ( @voinonen )

Download the cartoons here

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